Maki Needs You!
Support Maki and Friends’ Future Expansion

On the heels of the safe recovery of our beloved ring-tailed lemur Maki after his unimaginable kidnapping in mid-October, we are celebrating his successful return with two offers that will support our future Lipman Family Madagascar Center, which, when open, will comprise one of the largest integrated habitats devoted to Madagascar wildlife in the U.S.

Maki’s story was gripping and people locally and around the world breathed a heavy sigh of relief when he was finally found. Like Maki’s story, the story of Madagascar is equally gripping; Madagascar is one of the world’s most critical biodiversity hotspots, where habitat destruction threatens the survival of its unique animal and plant species (80% of which are only found on this African island). Our goal is to increase awareness of the fragility of the future of Madagascar’s wildlife, while celebrating its rich diversity of species. 

Please join us in celebrating Maki’s return and help us fund this dynamic new home for 30 species of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates in forest settings, aviaries and indoor environments. 

Become a Maki Madagascar Member

Limited edition Maki Madagascar Membership Package/Sustaining Member Level - $500
  • Admission for 3 adults and 6 children under age 18
  • 4 single-use guest pass
  • 4 single-use parking passes
  • 6 single-use carousel passes
  • Invitation to a special reception
  • Limited Edition Maki membership card
  • Plus all member benefits

Adopt-An-Animal Package - $125

  • Special Maki-themed Certificate of Adoption
  • Fun Fact page
  • Photograph of Maki
  • Adopt-an-Animal collector’s bracelet
  • Plush ring-tailed lemur
  • Commemorative Maki tote bag

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